Strengthening Faith through Action


Build Youth. Build Neighborhoods. Build Society. 

By Maruf | 12/31/2017

2017 ends today. Reflect on where you were in January and where you are now. Feel accomplished? Today you can help us go beyond wishes and make something tangible happen. MA’RUF is midway in its construction of its Youth Center made possible by our valued financial supporters. You can lay claim to this noble work too. Donate today!

Why is this Youth Center different?

  1. It will have a laser-sharp focus on education. Why? Because education is a noted strength in the Muslim community (supply) , and a gap in the city of Milwaukee (demand).
  2. It will incorporate youth oversight so that its tactics, features and approach remain relevant and connected to younger generations while developing leadership acumen.
  3. It will incorporate a storefront as a hands-on business model to teach youth entrepreneurship and subsidize funding the center’s operations.
  4. It will have a fitness and martial arts gym featuring an overhead door to the outside. The gym will be named after boxing champion Muhammad Ali.
  5. It will have a computer lab, library, classrooms and a large common foyer that is rentable.
  6. Our mission and scope will concentrate on a defined geographic vicinity (zip code) so that our work is meaningful and our tactics are measurable. Our work will focus on people of all faiths and backgrounds.