Strengthening Faith through Action


Ma’ruf Neighborhood Youth Center 

To better serve those in need, Ma’ruf concentrates its efforts on communities that lack socio-economic resources for competitive development in society—particularly socially marginalized populations that lack career-acumen, jobs and social safety-nets.

MA’RUF stands by the principles of self-development as opposed to enablement. We believe that self-development is needed in order for communities to progress. At a microcosmic lens, strengthening the family unit is critical to the collective progress of a community as a whole.

The purpose of the Ma’ruf neighborhood youth development center is to revitalize the neighborhood by instilling the skillsets necessary for individuals and families to attain gainful employment, and to reinvest into the communities they come from. Through strategic partnerships with key industries, the center will provide training in the following key areas. In line with current research outcomes, our industry training will be reflective of STEM competencies:

Career Development:

  • Skills assessment
  • Long and short term career planning
  • Soft skills and professionalism
  • Resume and portfolio building
  • Interviewing





Business acumen and entrepreneurship:

  • Ideas
  • Developing a business plan
  • Consumer research of the industry
  • Short term and long term goal





Industry-specific training:

  • IT (web design, Programming, App development)
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Sales and Marketing