MA’RUF has put its faith into action, answering the call of the homeless with the launch of Povertunity. Povertunity is an initiative of MA’RUF aimed at providing survival needs to the homeless.

MA’RUF strives to achieve this by constructing survival kits consisting of basic food and necessities, and distributing them in person to those in need via monthly Povertunity runs.

Urban Education


TOPS (Taking Our Place in Society) is a project operated by Ma’ruf dedicated to the pursuit of educational and professional excellence among young high school students. Ma’ruf instills the motivation and personal drive to go to college by tying young students’ educational performance to their career goals. The TOPS model consists of “Journeys” where students are taken to UW-Milwaukee and given a hype, spiced up interactive tour of the college and specific industries, creating an unforgettable experience for the youth to look back on. The group will then journey from the university to an actual industry where the educational experience is put into practice such as Johnson Controls, GE Medical, and Harley Davidson Corporation. These company tours are pre-planned and coordinated with the companies so that the goals of TOPS are met successfully. Ma’ruf then sponsors select students and enrolls them in an ACT Prep course.

Our goal is for young high school students to visualize the process of how their current stage in their education and grades are tied to their future. Many children stem from families that lack college degrees, placing their children at a high risk of continuing this cycle. Ma’ruf yearns to prepare young students to be competitive in our current, changing economic landscape. Our program aims to create a Tangible vision.

Refugee Resettlement


HEART is a MA’RUF program aimed at serving the needs of the refugee community. The program is led by a renowned refugee expert awarded by the UN for having the fastest turnaround time in resettling refugees in the US. HEART entails assisting in settlement, spiritual development, and basic needs. Our model involves building a trusting relationship with Milwaukee’s refugee community, bridging gaps, and providing refugees with the resources they need to build families. LEARN MORE…

Neighborhood Advocacy

Half of Faith Project

“Cleanliness is Half of Faith” -Prophet Muhammad (S)

The Half of Faith is a project undertaken by Ma’ruf where Muslims give the inner city a face-lift by cleaning the streets.

The HOF is held throughout key areas of the city. Volunteers are required to follow a specific dress code, usually black shirts with white kufis/ hijabs. The dress code is emphasized to portray Muslim representation. MA’RUFs volunteers form a three line flank, clad in white Kufis, black shirts, and determination. Each flank dominates one side of the street, including the center boulevard. We were congratulated with honks, cameras, questions, and even salaams!


Community Garden Project

Barakah Gardens, our community gardens are overseen by master gardeners, managing logistics on garden bed builds, soil tilling, seed, harvest and supply chain. MA’RUFs model yearns to accomplish any of the following objectives:

1. Supply local food pantries
2. Provide community gardens for urban fresh food deserts
3. Provide community gardens for senior centers

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ONE CAN Project

ONE CAN make a difference, ONE CAN at a time.

“The best deeds are those done continuously, even though they are small” –Prophet Muhammad (S)

The ONE CAN project is designed to have participants pledge to donate one can of food to the needy per week. Collection containers are placed in key masjids throughout the city. Participants are given an environmentally friendly tote bag to collect their items and drop them off at the mosque once a week. The items are then collected and delivered to local food banks.


Project Hijra & Project INK

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