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TOPS – Taking Our Place in Society


Taking Our Place in Society is a Ma’ruf program for youth aimed at crafting a strong, impenetrable drive to foster intellect and pursue higher education. The program is designed for Milwaukee’s inner-city and pairs young successful professionals with youth in middle and high schools as mentors. Youth and their mentors craft a pathway for success while the mentor helps the mentee stay steadfast. The mentorship is more hands-on than a traditional mentorship programs in that it involves college and company tours, shadowing and coaching from professionals in the field.

In Milwaukee’s Public Schools…

Just 15% of Eighth Graders are Proficient in Reading

Only 17% are Proficient in Math

During Milwaukee’s 2011-12 Academic Year…

43% of Black Public School Students Received a Suspensoin. 

Vison of TOPS is to provide individualized visions for youth who otherwise are void of real-life exposure to the professional world, through hands-on mentorship and experiential learning.
Step 1
Volunteers sign up to be mentors
Step 2
Mentors are paired with mentees based on their experience, age, and likelihood to resonate well and connect with the mentee.
Step 3
Mentors are go through orientation and are provided with a framework and expectations for their mentorship.
Step 4
Mentees are assessed pre and post intervention to track their development.