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Urban Youth Leadership Award 2012
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Grass Root Organization
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Featured Projects

MA’RUF has put its faith into action, answering the call of the homeless with the launch of Povertunity. It’s an initiative of MA’RUF aimed at providing survival needs to the homeless.

Urban Education (Taking Our Place in Society)  – Project dedicated to the pursuit of educational and professional excellence among young high school students.

In an effort to develop strong households through Education pathways for youth Ma’ruf has established a Youth Center in heart of the city.

Coordinates the building of community gardens that feed communities in need of fresh produce for healthy living.

Refugee Resettlement – Program aimed at serving the needs of the refugee community.  Empowering refugees by aiding in job placement, clothing/food necessities, and shelter.


Neighborhood Advocacy (Half of Our Faith) –  Project where Muslims give the key areas of inner city a face-lift by cleaning the streets.

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